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Melbourne on a beautiful summers day hosted the union of Emma+Frank by the Yarra. They were a relaxed and playful bride and groom (just how we like them) and clearly full of love for each other.

The ceremony and reception were at the LeondaByTheYarra, Pearls and pastels were the theme of the day – making the bride and her bridesmaids just so pretty.

We had the absolute pleasure of photographing the very first shoot for (Good ol home grown aussie talent) TheHijabStylist AKA Zulfiye Tufa from Melbourne, Australia. I would elaborate more but I think the photos speak volumes about her talent and style.
More shoots to come in 2013! Here is a link to her Facebook page, check out her work:)

Here is a photo of the lovely Zulfiye modeling one of her beautiful dresses.


The beautiful models Nadine and Toltu:)


Hanen Cherif – doing her thing, making up the gals.


Polaroid Photobooth at your wedding is an awesome way to entertain your guests and gives them an instant photograph to take home to remember your memorable wedding day! Polaroids are instantaneous fun!  People interact with the Polaroid cameras with so much enthusiasm and they love seeing the photo instantly. There is a spontaneity and exuberance that is in the moment of a Polaroid that you don’t get with digital cameras. We photograph with Polaroid cameras made in the 50’s – 60’s and always get super responses to our cameras and disbelief and shock that they still work. Our polaroids are the old school traditional type with an image area of 73 x 95 mm unlike most polaroids in the market currently with only 62 x 46 mm image area.

Our Polaroid photobooth prices for weddings in Melbourne start from $750 (Sydney $1000), we would love to have a chat if you want the experience of Polaroids at your wedding or function! Polaroid cameras are also light and portable which allows us to roam around during your wedding.



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Polaroid ideas



  • a wedding photographer in Ottawa, Canada who also does this! - I think instant film is a GREAT way to approach a photo booth at an event. In fact, at my photography company here in Canada, we’ve started making “Polaroid Photo Booths” the only type of photo booth that we do at weddings.

    Mind you, we’re using Fuji Instax “wide” rather than actual Polaroid brand cameras, or Impossible Project film. But nevertheless, the fact that the guest gets to go home with the picture is a big bonus for everyone at the event!

    I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one who thinks that this is a great way to do photo booths!

    Keep it up!