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Happy Hump Day Lovely People,

Bringing you Merve and Kerim – super in love and so cute together. We shot their traditional turkish wedding a few months back and had a wonderful time.

Merve and Kerim met fatefully through an instagram post of a mutual friend, a few messages and a with a meet up a few days later, love blossomed.

We are excited to share some of the images from their wedding day with you all.



Photography: Lahza
Dress: Le Chateau Blanc Couture
Hijab Styling: The Haya Atelier
Make Up Artist: Dee MUA
Headpiece: Raffaele Cuica Bridal
Bouquet: Brunswick Flower Hub
Brides Shoes: Mallouk Shoes
Rings: Cliveden
Grooms Suit: Politix
Grooms Shirt: Hugo Boss
Reception Venue: Lakeside Reception

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I have been lucky to have come to know of Saltanat a.k.a The Modest Bride though my social circles and we have come to be good friends. She is a kind, beautiful and generous person, she is an amazing mother and is thoughtful and passionate about what she does. When we get a chance to catch up in Sydney or over FB we talk about life, motherhood and fashion but of course mostly weddings which we both share a love of. We are both young mums juggling families and business and life and we share the ups and downs of it all. She often jokes with me how she wishes Lahza was around when she got married…we were still a little bit in the making back then, I take that very much as a compliment:)

Saltanat approached me earlier on this year to photograph her first Modest Bride Editorial. It was something she had never done before and it was all a bit of an experiment. She does happen to be in Sydney and I in Melbourne but a plane flight fixed that and after a bit of calling around we secured a friends family property in beautiful Razorback,NSW.

The Australian backdrop couldn’t have been more beautiful, a gorgeous day (which began looking dismal) and we had a wonderful team that worked hard to bring it all together. I admit this has been a late post but nevertheless I wanted to share some of the beautiful imagery that we created together. I look forward to many more shoots and collaborations together with her.




Dress 1

Dress: Blush Dress from Inayah

Model: Inty

Flowers: The Modest Bride

Headscarf styling Styled by Subhi

Photographer: Zahrah from Lahza Photography

MUA Sumaya Manor

Creative Director The Modest Bride


2015-09-17_0002 2015-09-17_0003

Dress 2

Dress: Tadashi Shoji

Model: Inty

Photographer: Zahrah from Lahza Photography

MUA Sumaya Manor

Headscarf styling Styled by Subhi

Headpiece Maria Elena Headpieces

Flowers The Grounds Florals by Silva

Creative Director The Modest Bride


2015-09-17_0004 2015-09-17_0005 2015-09-17_0006 2015-09-17_0007Dress 3

Dress: Inayah

Model: Subhi

Flowers and flower crown: The Modest Bride

Photographer: Zahrah from Lahza Photography

Headscarf styling Styled by Subhi

Belt: Maria Elena Headpieces

Creative Direction The Modest Bride

2015-09-17_0008 2015-09-17_0009 2015-09-17_0010 2015-09-17_0011 2015-09-17_0012

Whoa… it has been way too long since our last post and that’s because we haven’t had a wedding season wrap up! Most photographers would have wrapped up about the end of April or beginning of May but we have been working through ( and taken a small hiatus in between) but still going strong and have been shooting a host of winter weddings. But we have finally had some time to blog some of our work over the past few months and we are so excited to bring you the wedding of Marcus and Taryn. Its always nerve-wrecking and exhilarating to capture those special moments of those you know well. Marcus and Taryn are long time friends who are originally from Perth, met in Melbourne then moved back to Perth. When they announced their engagement we couldn’t be happier for them and were thrilled that they also wanted us to capture their big day as well!
Marcus and Taryn are the most lovely, down to earth souls you would ever meet and are just a match made in heaven. Their love is just infectious (in a good way).
We wish you guys all the happiness in the world and can’t wait to capture more special moments in your lives.
Much love
Ahmad and Zahrah

Some of the vendor deets from the day:)

Hairstylist: Nicola Richards @Nicola.Richards.Hairstylist
Dress: Luci Di Bella Designs, High Street Armadale Melbourne
Hair piece, earrings, bracelet: Stephanie Browne Jewellery @stephaniebrowneau
Shoes: Alan Pinkus @alanpinkus
Stylist: Kristen from @peak_lane
Flowers: Kellie Jamieson @kelnelsen83 Sweet Louise Designs

2015-06-18_0002 2015-06-18_0001
2015-06-18_0003 2015-06-18_0004 2015-06-18_0005 2015-06-18_0006 2015-06-18_0007 2015-06-18_0008 2015-06-18_0009 2015-06-18_0010 2015-06-18_0011 2015-06-18_0012 2015-06-18_0013 2015-06-18_0014 2015-06-18_0015 2015-06-18_0016 2015-06-18_0017 2015-06-18_0018 2015-06-18_0019 2015-06-18_0020 2015-06-18_0021 2015-06-18_0022 2015-06-18_0023 2015-06-18_0024 2015-06-18_0025 2015-06-18_0026 2015-06-18_0027 2015-06-18_0028 2015-06-18_0029 2015-06-18_0030 2015-06-18_0031 2015-06-18_0032 2015-06-18_0033


Today we bring you some beautiful shots from a styled shoot for “The Haya Atelier” A new bespoke Melbourne headpiece and scarf styling salon, the first of its kind in Australia.

Reyyan Ates Emniyet is the designer and director of the salon which opened its doors to the public last Saturday.

2015-03-13_0001 2015-03-13_0003 2015-03-13_0002

Here are some heartfelt words from Nurbanu Emniyet (Reyyan’s sister).

I want to share a few words on the exciting journey of my sister Reyyan. A journey of creativity, beautification and adventure.  I’m Nurbanu Emniyet. Many of you know me in my capacity as a staff member at the Islamic Council of Victoria. My greatest role in life however is being a woman. It is both a burden and a joy. In a time of increased gender pay gaps, Islamophobia and limited pop culture options of women being a Muslim woman is simultaneously a social burden and personal pleasure.

Only eleven at the time, I proudly announced my decision to wear the religious headscarf, the hijab. Slightly unexpected, both parents questioned my decision and eventually agreed with an assertive 3’9”, compassionate girl – who seemed to be set with her decision yet couldn’t predict the consequences of such choice that was about to take place within the next 9 months and 11 days. A sad event that transformed a beautiful silk chiffon, a soft satin and a multi coloured cotton shawl into an unclimbable brick wall, magnet to prejudice and an open door to endless questioning.

However, the most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. The religious obligation, the positive representation of my faith and my daily tangible reminder – my hijab has empowered me and made me who I am today.

It was during the early days of adjusting to my new look, attire that my older sister – as all older sister’s do to keep an eye out for me. Reyyan’s duty was to ensure that my scarf securely stayed on my head that my ponytail wasn’t hanging out, often tuck in my fringe that would stick out and at times calmly pick up my hijab from the floor when it completely fell off. Hence, her journey started at a very young age. I must say though after 14 years – I still require her assistance in pinning and fixing my scarf. Haya itself is a greatness of Islam as our Prophet (saw) said: “Every way of life has an innate character. The character of Islam is haya.” (Abu Dawood) Haya is an Arabic word derived from the word Hayat, which means life. It can also be commonly referred to modesty, self-respect and beauty. It is with great excitement to announce The Haya Atelier.

Australia’s first ever Scarf Styling and Bespoke Headpiece Salon specialising in custom handmade Bridal and exquisite headpieces for all occasions. Reyyan, and by extension The Haya Atelier, is best-known for its distinctive designs and exceptional quality silk fabric. The Haya Atelier Designer Salon is located in the heart of Brunswick on Sydney Road. Operating from Melbourne’s longest continuous shopping strip, we welcome all to come and enjoy a friendly atmosphere.

Clothing: Sourced and stylists own
Styling and headpieces by: Reyyan Ates Emniyet, The Haya Atelier
Photography by: Lahza Photography
Make up and hair by: Beauty By Didem
Models: Zarina Copeland, Becky L from Max Models, Elena K from Max Models

2015-03-13_0012 2015-03-13_0015 2015-03-13_0010 2015-03-13_0011 2015-03-13_0013


Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” – Mother Teresa

Zainub + Maqshood wanted something a little uniquely different for their engagement shoot. They saw a post on our instagram page of our trip to Geelong and instantly fell in love! They requested to have their pre-wedding shoot there.

We thought they immediately suited the location and we were delighted they chose the region. These two lovebirds couldn’t take their eyes off each other. Love really does exist!



SriLankan Muslim Wedding Geelong Beach SriLankan Muslim Wedding Geelong Beach SriLankan Muslim Wedding Geelong Beach

SriLankan Muslim Wedding Geelong Beach
SriLankan Muslim Wedding Geelong Beach
SriLankan Muslim Wedding Geelong Beach
SriLankan Muslim Wedding Geelong Beach

SriLankan Muslim Wedding Geelong Beach

SriLankan Muslim Wedding Geelong Beach
SriLankan Muslim Wedding Geelong Beach
SriLankan Muslim Wedding Geelong Beach
SriLankan Muslim Wedding Geelong Beach