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We met Cece and her family briefly at a wedding we shot about a month ago and she contacted soon after us wanting to do a family portrait for Mothers Day. We were happy to oblige. The weather on the day was a bit temperamental (but we do live in Melbourne so that a given!) The rain held out long enough for us to capture these candid and lively photos of this young family.
We love capturing family shots in an relaxed and fuss free setting where kids can be free to be themselves. We were excited to capture these precious moments for them to treasure as the years go by and look forward to future shoots with them.
Ahmad +Zahrah

We had the absolute pleasure of photographing our newly engaged friends Taryn and Marcus who are having their wedding in Perth early 2015. They wanted to have their engagement shoot at their favorite walking track at the Royal Botanic Gardens, a perfect autumn setting for these lovebirds.

Big thanks to Bayu Suharso for second shooting with us on the day:)



2014-05-15_0003.jpg 2014-05-15_0001.jpg

2014-05-15_0006.jpg 2014-05-15_0004.jpg

Colourful, beautiful, stunning, intricate, detailed, emotional and the list goes on. Heinz and Samantha got married this past sunday and we had the utmost pleasure of capturing their special moments for the big day they had been planning for quite some time. Heinz’s family flew in from the United States and a host of people from all over the globe flew in to witness the joining of these lovebirds. We have been so excited for these two for some time in the planning of this big day and we know there are eager friends overseas who couldn’t come for the wedding so we have done a sneak peek!
Keep posted for the full blog post of their wedding!

I’ve had my Sony A7 for a few months now and I’ve taken it out on a few weddings and shot with it overseas. A few people have asked what my thoughts were about the camera and how it handles Canon lenses. It won’t replace our main Canon bodies yet, but it’s a nice small and light camera to have alongside our current camera setup for wedding photography.

I’ve only shot with Canon cameras so the buttons and controls were hard to get used to, but I can change the ISO quicker on the Sony vs Canon 5dmk3. Electronic view finder EVF was also hard to get used to but I don’t mind using it now… I wish it was less laggy. I should also add that the battery can go flat really quickly so a 2nd (or 3rd) battery is a must if you’re shooting with it for long hours.

Sony A7 wedding photography NGV Melbourne

I mostly use my Canon 45mm TS-E on the A7. It just stays on the camera all day during the wedding, saves me from changing lenses. I find focus peaking helps with getting the shots that I want, and it’s much easier to focus compared to the Canon 5dmk3. Focus peaking on the A7 is not very accurate I have to say, but I’ve learnt how to work around it. Maybe a firmware update can fix the focus peaking?

Sony A7 wedding photography

I’ve also used the Sony A7 on assignment in Egypt February. The police and army have been arresting journalists and anyone with a DSLR so I had to shoot with the Sony A7 and the canon 40mm pancake lens. Auto focus was too slow so I had to manually focus.

Syrian Refugees in Egpyt

It would be interesting to hear what others think about the Sony A7.

Ahmad Sabra